The Difference Between a Customer Journey and a Customer Storyboard


If you are reading this post, you probably know the power of customer experience. Customer experience and deep customer knowledge is one of the key factors to longterm strategic planning and a secure future. Building a unified description of customers and what drives them can be done in many different ways and is an effective tool to engage each employee to take action based on customer experience insights. One of the most common ways of doing this is by building Customer Journeys. Danji has taken the Customer Journey map one step further and has a more dynamic approach, rooted in the latest research.


If you take a look at the latest research in customer experience management it becomes clear that a top pain point experienced by companies is acting on customer experience insights. Why is that? There is no simple answer since organizations are complex and unique but according to motivational research and behavioral science, humans need certain types of information to be able to take action. In our experience at Danji and with this in mind, we can conclude that the ways in which we inform our teams about the customer and the data forms with which we collect costumer insights is a vital key to unlocking the issues surrounding an experienced lack of action.


A way of creating a more actionable customer experience framework is to create a Customer Storyboard before you dig into a customer journey. The Customer Storyboard concept was created by Danji in 2017 and is used by several world leading companies like Volvo Cars Sweden. It is a deeper and more complex story about the costumer completely based on their on words. The words are analyzed with psychological and sociological methods and put together into a business focused model. The effects of using the customers own words are astonishing. Humans understand other people by words far more vivid than by numbers which makes the Customer Storyboard actionable. Companies have made great success by using the Customer Storyboard to engage employees and create a secure, unified and happier organization.

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