Millennials and the Convenience of Technology

How to get millennials to consume information around your product

Millennials rely heavily on technology to consume information and they expect convenience and connectedness as a given. Aligning your product information with their consumption habits is crucial in gaining their custom.

In a business climate where customers are exposed to more information than ever before, getting your product seen can seem a daunting task. Traditional channels of dissemination no longer fit the bill for the younger – and now biggest – market segment known as millennials. As digital natives, millennials expect information to be accessible at the touch of a button and easily digestible.

Millennials Embrace Technology New research from Pew Research Center shows a significant increase in technology use among millennials compared with older generations. A whopping 92% of them own a smartphone, 85% use social media and 64% own a tablet. And it goes without saying that the internet plays a huge role in the lives of these avid technology consumers.

Millennials Expect Convenience As we discussed in a previous blog post, millennials are now the largest market segment, so they cannot be ignored. If you want to retain their custom, you need to start doing things their way. And this means embracing technology to get your information across.

According to Sociologist of Technology, Margot McNeill, millennials “value technologies that facilitate easy access, convenience and connectedness”. Leading such hectic lives and being constantly bombarded with information from all sides, millennials want to be able to access information easily, quickly and whenever is convenient to them. Whether stood in the queue at the supermarket, waiting for the bus or even on the toilet(!), they expect information to be ready-to-hand at all times.

Adapting Your Information to Them

These insights are what is going to keep you in business. As we all know, if nobody knows about your product, they’re not able to buy it: broadcasting information - be it advertising, sales channels or product specs - is crucial to gaining custom. But doing it in the right way is just as important. With more access to information than ever before, millennials waste no time with slow, clumsy information that takes a long time to load or is difficult to access.

Millennials have ripped up the rulebook on how they consume information and replaced it with a smartphone. Getting product information to this growing market segment may seem like an impossible task but it doesn’t need to be so: understanding how to get them to consume your information starts with understanding how they interact with the information. Your information dissemination can no longer be driven by outdated marketing strategies or stuffy print press. It needs to be customer-driven, starting with insights into how they engage with the technological world around them.

Billy Jones Analyst